I give lessons to adults and young adults interested in Irish fiddle, violin improvisation (rock and jazz) and Irish flute/ Penny Whistle.

A typical lesson is one hour, either held at my home in Rio Rancho New Mexico, or remotely via video conferencing (Skype, Discord, etc.)  More intensive occasional lessons are also possible, and this works well for adults.

I specialize in adult learners who perhaps played when they were young, and have been away from violin or flute for many years.  I also enjoy teaching teenagers and young adults who want to learn Irish fiddle or flute, or rcck/ jazz/ blues violin improvisation.

I try and customize a teaching approach unique to each individual learner. I emphasize good technique, listening, good practice habits, self-critique using video, and live performances.

I can help you select an instrument and accessories that will serve you well.

I will probably suggest that you use a violin method, and I have several to choose from, and will select depending on what is appropriate for the student. These might be The Suzuki Violin Method, The Mark O'Connor Violin Method, and others.